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Policy Report 13/11: Key Stage 4 Accountability: Progress Measure and Intervention Trigger


Published December 2013

Download report 13/11 (PDF, 556kB)

Download Technical Annex: Techniques for producing an unbiased national pupil progress line (PDF, 530kB)

Policy Report 13/10: Teachers Pay Flexibilities


National Centre for Social Research

Published May 2013

Download report 13/10 (PDF, 248kB)

Policy report 12/09: How can we encourage good schools to expand?


Published September 2012

Download report 12/09 (PDF, 767kB)

Policy report 12/08: The use of evidence in commissioning children’s services: a rapid review


Published September 2012

Download report 12/08 (PDF, 411kB)

Policy report 12/07: What influences teachers to change their practice? A Rapid Research Review


Published June 2012

Download report 12/07 (PDF, 222kB)

Policy report 12/06: Commissioning public services - grants versus contracts


Published May 2012

Download report 12/06 (PDF, 367kB)

Policy report 12/05: Schools’ relationship with local authorities: lessons from the decentralisation of healthcare commissioning


Published February 2012

Download report 12/05 (PDF, 962kB)

Policy report 11/04: Special Educational Needs Funding Systems: Role of Incentives


Published September 2011

Download report 11/04 (PDF, 294kB)

Policy report 11/03: Payment by Results in Early Years Provision


Published July 2011

Download report 11/03 (PDF, 218kB)

Policy report 11/02: Educational investment: Interrelating neuroscientific, educational and economic perspectives


Published March 2011

Download report 11/02 (PDF, 286kB)

Policy report 10/01: Organisational Change Management: A rapid literature review


Published November 2010

Download report 10/01 (PDF, 191kB)