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Professor Patrick Kehoe


15 years of working in dementia. Discovered that angiotensin converting enzyme gene (ACE) variation was a risk factor for Alzheimer?s disease (AD) which has prompted a number of investigations by us and others showing that angiotensins are involved in AD. Worked on one of the largest ever genetic linkage studies conducted in AD patients. Have championed that given certain laboratory based findings there may be sufficient data to prompt further work needing to be done and stronger consideration to be made on the potential adverse consequences of prescribing certain types of anti-hypertensive medications to people given possible adverse risks for dementia. Was a lead member of recent efforts to achieve an international consensus for the post-mortem assessment of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Expertise now refined to roles of genes and protein activity on development, pathology and progression of AD.

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Key words

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • genes
  • blood pressure and dementia
  • hypertension and dementia
  • cognitive decline
  • degrading enzymes
  • angiotensin