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Professor Massimo Caputo


My scientific research focuses on the development of techniques of myocardial protection in adult and paediatric surgery. My research involving basic science and clinical studies aims to analyse the impact of different strategies of myocardial protection on ischaemia and reperfusion injury. My work had drastically changed the myocardial protection protocol of the Unit, with a switch from cold crystalloid to warm blood cardioplegic techniques. In the last two years, I have turned my interest into the improvements of myocardial protection strategies in paediatric heart surgery. In particular I have been studying the impact of age and cyanosis on myocardial protection, and the pathology related differences that exist in congenital heart surgery. I have also been a key figure in the development of off pump coronary surgery and in the assessment of its safety and efficacy in clinical practice.

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Key words

  • myocardial protection
  • ischaemia
  • reperfusion injury
  • heart surgery
  • pump coronary surgery