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Dr Kathryn Garner

Dr Kathryn Garner

Dr Kathryn Garner
BA, BSc, PhD

Research Fellow

Area of research

Cell signalling dynamics in kidney podocytes

Academic Renal Unit,
Dorothy Hodgkin Building, Whitson Street BS1 3NY
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Research summary

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I am fascinated by intracellular signalling, how single cells sense hormones and cytokines in their environment, particularly how cells process multiple inputs. My Fellowship is funded by Kidney Research UK, and through this I am seeking to understand the combined effect of high blood pressure (Angiotensin II) and inflammation (TNFα) on kidney podocytes. These cells have long finger-like processes that wrap around blood vessels in the kidney glomerulus to form the specialised filter through which waste products pass from the blood into the urine. In diseases states, these podocytes die and are lost, resulting in the loss of larger molecules ...

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