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Professor Jeffrey Holly

Jeff Holly was awarded the Society for Endocrinology Medal in 1993. He was Programme Secretary of the Society for Endocrinology (1996-1999), Chairman of the UK Growth Factor Group (1991-present), and Vice-President of The International Society for Insulin-Like Growth Factor Research Regulation, Cell Death and Differentiation, Journal of Endocrinology, and Reviews in Endocrinology and Metabolism. He has been Associate Editor of GH & IGF Research since 1998 and was Editor-in-Chief of Best Practice & Research in Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism from 1999-2008. He chaired the 5th International IGF Congress in Brighton in 1999 and was elected Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on IGFs in Ventura, CA in 2005. Jeff gave the plenary lecture at the 1st International Joint Meeting of the GH & IGF Research Soceities, Boston, USA, 2002 and delivered the opening address at the 2nd International Joint Meeting of the GH & IGF Research Societies, Cairns, Australia, 2004. Jeff has delivered many other plenary and invited talks at international meetings and has published over 300 papers and many book chapters on IGFs.

Research keywords

  • IGFs
  • insulin-like growth factor II
  • prostate cancer