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Dr Denize Atan


Current President of UK Eye Genetics Group (with co-president Mariya Moosajee)

Key publications:

"Blindness caused by a junk food diet" published in Annals of Internal Medicine (2019) - ranked #54 in Altmetric Top100 of 2.7 million research outputs in 2019: altmetric=2927

"Education and myopia: assessing the direction of causality using mendelian randomisation" published in British Medical Journal (2018): altmetric=802. Main focus of Editorial in Nature written by D Adam: The gene-based hack that is revolutionizing epidemiology.”

Public engagement:

Speaker for Pint of Science, Soapbox Science, Women in Science, Fight for Sight Speaker Network, RP Fighting Blindness, The Pituitary Foundation, Macular Disease Society

Community Amabassador for Fight for Sight 





Research findings

1. Impact of nutrition on vision

2. The impact of education on myopia

3. The rod bipolar transcriptome

4. Transcriptional regulators of development in the retina and brain.

5. Epilepsy and pattern separation.

6. The influence of genetic variants on the severity and risk of intraocular inflammatory diseases.