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Professor Costanza Emanueli


My studies focus on therapeutic angiogenesis and cardiac regeneration by gene and cell therapy. I hold a British Heart Foundation Basic Science Lectureship which is enabling my research group to study the potential of neurotrophin gene therapy of the infarcted heart of normoglycemic and diabetic mice to prevent maladaptative remodeling and heart failure. The original hypothesis at the basis of this research program came from my previous discovery that the neurotrophin nerve growth factor (NGF) induces reparative angiogenesis and prevents apoptosis in ischemic and diabetic limb muscles. I am also studying the therapeutic potential of human foetal progenitor cells to repair the ischemic heart and my research group is planning to expand this research to include human embryonic stem cells. Finally, in collaboration with Prof. Madeddu?s lab, we are investigating the action of the kallikrein-kinin system on cardiac stem and progenitor cells.

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Key words

  • therapeutic angiogenesis
  • cardiac regeneration
  • nerve growth factor (NGF)
  • human foetal progenitor cells
  • human embryonic stem cells
  • kallikrein-kinin system