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Publication - Professor Colin Dayan

    Illness beliefs regarding diabetic foot ulceration predict mortality


    Vedhara, K, Dawe, K, Miles, J, Wetherell, M, Cullum, N, Dayan, CM, Drake, N, Price, P, Tarlton, J, Weinman, J, Day, A, Campbell, R, Reps, J & Soria, D, 2016, ‘Illness beliefs regarding diabetic foot ulceration predict mortality’. Journal of Diabetes Nursing, vol 20., pp. 288-290


    Patients’ illness beliefs have been associated with glycaemic control in diabetes and survival in other conditions and understanding patient beliefs – how they make sense of their diabetes and how they manage the condition – helps healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible. In this article, the authors examine whether the illness beliefs of people with diabetes and foot ulceration independently predict mortality.

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