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Dr Clare Bailey

Dr Clare Bailey

Dr Clare Bailey
M.A.(Cantab.), B.M., B.Ch.(Oxon.), M.R.C.P.


Area of research


Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street BS1 2LX
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Clare Bailey MD FRCP, FRCOphth Consultant Ophthalmologist at Bristol Eye Hospital, specialising in retinal disorders and cataract surgery. Joint Clinical lead at Bristol Eye Hospital.

Clinical Director of the Research and Treatment unit at Bristol Eye Hospital since 2012, undertaking clinical research into retinal disorders particularly  age-related macular degeneration (both wet AMD and dry AMD), diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion.  NIHR West of England lead for Ophthalmology. She also assesses multicentre clinical outcomes data, via the use of EPR, in collaboration with other colleagues around the UK.  Member of the scientific committee of national eye research charity NERC.

Activities / Findings

Some recent publications: 

National clinical outcomes data:

Real-world experience with 0.2 μg/day fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant (ILUVIEN) in the United Kingdom. EYE  2017 Jul 24. [Epub ahead of print]Bailey C1Chakravarthy U2Lotery A3Menon G4Talks J5Medisoft Audit Group.

UK AMD/DR EMR REPORT IX: comparative effectiveness of predominantly as needed (PRN) ranibizumab versus continuous aflibercept in UK clinical practice.Lee AY1,2Lee CS1Egan CA3,4Bailey C5Johnston RL6Natha S7Hamilton RKhan R8Al-Husainy S9Brand C10Akerele T11Mckibbin M12Downey L13Tufail A3,4.British Journal of Ophthalmology  2017 May (epub ahead of print)

The United Kingdom Diabetic Retinopathy Electronic Medical Record Users Group: Report 3: Baseline Retinopathy and Clinical Features Predict Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy.Lee CS1Lee AY2Baughman D1Sim D3Akelere T4Brand C5Crabb DP6Denniston AK7Downey L8Fitt A9Khan R10Mahmood S11Mandal K12Mckibbin M13Menon G14Lobo A3Kumar BV15Natha S12Varma A16Wilkinson E17Mitry D18Bailey C19Chakravarthy U20Tufail A21Egan C21UK DR EMR Users Group. Am J Ophthalmology  2017 Aug;180:64-71.

The UK Diabetic Retinopathy Electronic Medical Record (UK DR EMR) Users Group, Report 2: real-world data for the impact of cataract surgery on diabetic macular oedema.Denniston AK1,2Chakravarthy U3Zhu H4Lee AY5Crabb DP4Tufail A2Bailey C6Akerele T7Al-Husainy S8Brand C9Downey L10Fitt A11Khan R12Kumar V13Lobo A14Mahmood S15Mandal K16Mckibbin M17Menon G18Natha S19Ong JM20Tsaloumas MD1Varma A21Wilkinson E22Johnston RL23Egan CA2UK DR EMR Users Group. BJO 2017 May 

Visual acuity improvement when switching from ranibizumab to aflibercept is not sustainedLee CS1Kim AJBaughman DEgan CBailey CJohnston RLNatha SKhan RBrand CAkerele TMcKibbin MDowney LAl-Husainy SLee AYTufail A. Retina 2017 April 11

The United Kingdom Diabetic Retinopathy Electronic Medical Record Users Group, Report 1: baseline characteristics and visual acuity outcomes in eyes treated with intravitreal injections of ranibizumab for diabetic macular oedema.Egan C1,2Zhu H3Lee A4Sim D5,6Mitry D1Bailey C7Johnston R8Chakravarthy U9Denniston A10Tufail A1,2Khan R11Mahmood S12Menon G13Akerele T14Downey L15McKibbin M16Varma A17Lobo A18Wilkinson E19Fitt A20Brand C21Tsaloumas M22Mandal K23Kumar V24Natha S25Crabb D26UK AMD and DR EMR Users Group.  Br J Ophth 2017 Jan;101(1):75-80

UK AMD EMR USERS GROUP REPORT V: benefits of initiating ranibizumab therapy for neovascular AMD in eyes with vision better than 6/12.Lee AY1Lee CS2Butt T3Xing W4Johnston RL5Chakravarthy U6Egan C1Akerele T7McKibbin M8Downey L9Natha S10Bailey C11Khan R12Antcliff R13Varma A14Kumar V15Tsaloumas M16Mandal K17Liew G18Keane PA1Sim D19Bunce C1Tufail A1UK AMD EMR Users Group.BJO 2015 Aug;99(8):1045-50.

UK first-year visual acuity outcomes of providing aflibercept according to the VIEW study protocol for age-related macular degenerationTalks JS1, Lotery AJ2, Ghanchi F3, Sivaprasad S4, Johnston RL5, Patel N6, McKibbin M7, Bailey C8, Mahmood S9; United Kingdom Aflibercept Users Group. Ophthalmology 016 Feb;123(2):337

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Electronic Medical Record System (AMD EMR) Users Group Report IV: Incidence of Blindness and Sight Impairment in Ranibizumab-Treated Patients.Johnston RL1Lee AY2Buckle M3Antcliff R4Bailey C3McKibbin M5Chakravarthy U6Tufail A7UK AMD EMR Users Group.Ophthalmology  2016 Sep 8.

UK Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration Database. Report 6: time to retreatment after a pause in therapy. Outcomes from 92 976 intravitreal ranibizumab injections.Madhusudhana KC1Lee AY2Keane PA3Chakravarthy U4Johnston RL5Egan CA3Sim D3Zarranz-Ventura J6Tufail A3McKibbin M7;UK AMD EMR Study Group.BJO 2016 2016 Dec;100(12):1617-1622

The UK Neovascular AMD Database Report 3: inter-centre variation in visual acuity outcomes and establishing real-world measures of care. Liew G, Lee AY, Zarranz-Ventura J, Stratton I, Bunce C, Chakravarthy U, Lee CS, Keane PA, Sim DA, Akerele T, McKibbin M, Downey L, Natha S, Bailey C, Khan R, Antcliff R, Armstrong S, Varma A, Kumar V, Tsaloumas M, Mandal K, Egan C, Johnston RL, Tufail A.Eye (Lond). 2016 2016 Nov;30(11):1462-1468

Previous Intravitreal Therapy Is Associated with Increased Risk of Posterior Capsule Rupture during Cataract Surgery Aaron Y. Lee, MD, MSCI,1,2 Alexander C. Day, PhD, FRCOphth,3,4 Catherine Egan, FRANZCO,3 Clare Bailey, FRCOphth,4 Robert L. Johnston, FRCOphth,5 Marie D. Tsaloumas, FRCOphth,6 Alastair K. Denniston, FRCOphth, PhD,6,7 Adnan Tufail, MD, FRCOphth,3 UK AMD and DR EMR Users Group* Denniston, FRCOphth, PhD,6,7 Adnan Tufail, MD, FRCOphth,3 UK AMD and DR EMR Users Group* Ophthalmology 2016 Jun;123(6):1252-6.

The Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration Database: Report 2: Incidence, Management, and Visual Outcomes of Second Treated Eyes.Zarranz-Ventura J, Liew G, Johnston RL, Xing W, Akerele T, McKibbin M, Downey L, Natha S, Chakravarthy U, Bailey C, Khan R, Antcliff R, Armstrong S, Varma A, Kumar V, Tsaloumas M1, Mandal K, Bunce C, Tufail A.Ophthalmology 2014 Oct;121(10):1966-75

The neovascular age-related macular degeneration database: multicenter study of 92 976 ranibizumab injections: report 1: visual acuity.Tufail A,  Xing W,  Johnston R,  Akerele T,  McKibbin M; Downey L; Natha S; Chakravarthy U; Bailey C ; Khan R; Antcliff  R; Armstrong S; Varma A;  Kumar V; Tsaloumas M;  Mandal K; Bunce C Ophthalmology 2014 May;121(5):1092-101

 Other recent publications concerning diabetic retinopathy:

A Crossover Design for Comparative Efficacy:  A 36-week randomized Trial of Bevacizumab  and Ranibizumab for Diabetic Macular oedema.Wiley HE1Thompson DJ2Bailey C3Chew EY4Cukras CA4Jaffe GJ5Lee RW6Loken EK2Meyerle CB7Wong W4Ferris FL 3rd4. Ophthalmology. 2016  Apr;123(4):841-9

A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Fixed versus Pro-re-nata dosing of Ozurdex in refractory diabetic macular edema (OZDRY study). Sobha Sivaprasad, Jayashree Ramu, Yit Yang, Geeta Menon, Clare Bailey, Nirodhini Narendran, Catey Bunce, Ana Quartilho, Toby Prevost, Phil Hykin  Eye (Lond). 2015 Dec;29(12):1603-12.

Long-term Effects of Intravitreal 0.19 mg Fluocinolone Acetonide Implant on Progression and Regression of Diabetic Retinopathy.Wykoff CC1Chakravarthy U2Campochiaro PA3Bailey C4Green K5Cunha-Vaz J6 Ophthalmology 2017 Apr;124(4):440-449

Platform-Independent Cirrus and Spectralis Thickness Measurements in Eyes with Diabetic Macular Edema Using Fully Automated Software.Willoughby AS1Chiu SJ1Silverman RK1Farsiu S1Bailey C2Wiley HE3Ferris FL 3rd3Jaffe GJ1. Transl Vis Sci Technol 2017 Feb 7;6(1):9.

Clinical evidence of the multifactorial nature of diabetic macular oedema Chakravarthy U1Yang YLotery AGhanchi FBailey CHolz FGDowney LWeber MEter NDugel PU.  Retina 2017

An observational study to assess if automated diabetic retinopathy image assessment software can replace one or more steps of manual imaging grading and to determine their cost-effectiveness.Tufail A1Kapetanakis VV2Salas-Vega S3Egan C1Rudisill C3Owen CG2Lee A1Louw V1Anderson J4Liew G1Bolter L4Bailey C5Sadda S6Taylor P7Rudnicka AR2. Health Technology assessment 2016 Dec;20(92):1-72

Other recent publications:

Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Findings in Dengue-Related Maculopathy: A Case Report.Tavassoli SCarreño ETeoh SCTheodoropoulou SBailey CLee RWDick AD. OpHTH SURGICAL lasers imaging retina 2016 Nov 1;47(11):1057-1060

Tumefactive demyelination presenting during bevacizumab treatment.Rice CM1Rossiter D2Fehmi J2Stevens JC2Renowden SA3Cohen N4Bailey C5Scolding NJ1. BMJ case report 015 Dec 16;2015

Retinal Arterioarterial Anastomosis After Embolic Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion.Makrygiannis G1Vahdani KAntoniou EBailey C. Retina 2017 Feb 37(2):e14-e16

Multimodal Imaging in Acute Posterior Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy Demonstrating Obstruction of the Choriocapillaris.Salvatore SSteeples LRRoss AHBailey CLee RWCarreño E.   Ophth surg lasers imaging retina 016 Jul 1;47(7):677-81.

Phase IIb clinical trial of ranibizumab for the treatment of uveitic and idiopathic choroidal neovascular membranes.Carreño E1Moutray T1Fotis K1Lee RW2Dick AD2Ross AH1Bailey C1. British Journal of Ophthalmology 016 Sep;100(9):1221-6











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