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Dr Claire Perks


Claire Perks completed her PhD from the University of Bristol in 1995, in which she studied ‘The Role of the IGF axis in the Ovary’ in relation to fertility. She then continued these studies as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at The Royal Veterinary College, University of London before joining Professor Jeff Holly’s team as a Research Associate in the University of Bristol, Department of Surgery. Claire is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Bristol IGF & Metabolic Endocrinology group based at Southmead Hospital.  Claire's primary interests are in the role of the IGF axis in relation to breast and prostate cancer. The IGF axis has been conserved throughout evolution to mediate the effects of nutrition on growth and has been implicated in the epithelial cancers associated with a Western diet. Claire is particularly interested in studying the epigenetic influence on and interactions of key dietary factors with the IGF axis and how this may influence breast and prostate cancer progression.