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Publication - Dr Claire Rice

    Brain biopsy in benign neurological disease


    Gilkes, C, Love, S, Hardie, R, Edwards, R, Scolding, N & Rice, C, 2012, ‘Brain biopsy in benign neurological disease’. Journal of Neurology, vol 259., pp. 995-1000


    Brain biopsy is well established in clinical practice when there is suspicion of CNS malignancy. However, there is little consensus regarding the indications for brain biopsy in non-malignant neurological disease. This is due in no small part to limitations in the available literature pertaining to diagnostic brain biopsies. The published evidence largely comprises small, retrospective, single-centre analyses performed over long time periods, including non-homogeneous patient groups with considerable variation in reported outcomes. Here we present pragmatic guidance for those clinicians considering diagnostic brain biopsy in a patient with non-neoplastic neurological disease and highlight practice points with the aim of maximising the probability of gaining clinically useful information from the procedure.

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