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Dr Anna Long


Public engagement has included; a radio interview about the diabetes research carried out by the group, helping to host 60 A-level students at a careers event by carrying out a small-group 10 minute workshop on researching type 1 diabetes, speaking at the ‘pint of science’ evening and encouraging younger lab members to help present, developing a ‘game’ to help the public understand the risk factors for type 1 diabetes which has been used with GCSE students and Diabetes UK supporters visiting the research laboratories. Engagement has also included families affected with diabetes and health care professionals working in diabetes as an invited speaker at various non-scientific meetings. 

Research findings

My research interests are prediction of type 1 diabetes through genetic and islet autoantibody markers. Currently my research focuses on a group of individuals with high risk of type 1 diabetes, based on presence of multiple islet autoantibodies, who have remained free from diabetes or progressed slowly to disease. These rare individuals may help inform strategies to delay or prevent progression to diabetes in other 'at risk' individuals.