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Dr Rachel Tunnicliffe

Dr Rachel Tunnicliffe

Dr Rachel Tunnicliffe
Msc(Warw.), Phd(Warw.)

Research Associate

School of Chemistry,
Cantock's Close, Bristol BS8 1TS
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Research summary

Beginning my career in astrophysics, studying massive violent explosions in the distant universe utilising data from state of the art satellite and ground based observatories, my research interests are now somewhat closer to home.

I am interested in the study of methane and other greenhouse gases, using inversion techniques to determine the sources of measured emissions. This involves use of the MetOffice's NAME (Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment) to create sensitivity maps, linking the measurement sites with potential sources, and feeding this into a Hierarchical Bayesian framework.

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Recent publications

  • Rigby, M, Park, S, Saito, T, Western, LM, Redington, AL, Fang, X, Henne, S, Manning, AJ, Prinn, RG, Dutton, GS, Fraser, PJ, Ganesan, AL, Hall, BD, Harth, CM, Kim, J, Kim, KR, Krummel, PB, Lee, T, Li, S, Liang, Q, Lunt, MF, Montzka, SA, Mühle, J, O’Doherty, S, Park, MK, Reimann, S, Salameh, PK, Simmonds, P, Tunnicliffe, RL, Weiss, RF, Yokouchi, Y & Young, D, 2019, ‘Increase in CFC-11 emissions from eastern China based on atmospheric observations’. Nature, vol 569., pp. 546-550
  • Fang, X, Park, S, Saito, T, Tunnicliffe, R, Ganesan, AL, Rigby, M, Li, S, Yokouchi, Y, Fraser, PJ, Harth, CM, Krummel, PB, Mühle, J, O’Doherty, S, Salameh, PK, Simmonds, PG, Weiss, RF, Young, D, Lunt, MF, Manning, AJ, Gressent, A & Prinn, RG, 2019, ‘Rapid increase in ozone-depleting chloroform emissions from China’. Nature Geoscience, vol 12., pp. 89-93

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