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Dr Michael Green

Our research is concerned with two interrelated areas of organometallic chemistry.

Firstly, the synthesis and study of the reactivity of mononuclear h2(4e)-bonded phosphaalkyne (ButCºP) complexes (1, 2) which has the objective of providing new insights into cyclo- and linear-oligomerisation reactions and the synthesis of, for example, analogues of tropone and polyacetylenes (3), but with alternate phosphorus centres.

Secondly, we are very interested in developing new synthetic protocols for transition metal phosphido and arsenido complexes [M]ºE (E = P or As) (4), with a view to using such species to transfer phosphorus and arsenic atoms to other metal centres, unsaturated organic molecules and perhaps most important of all boron, aluminum, gallium and iridium centres. These main group structures could lead to new semi-conductor materials and inorganic analogues of fullerenes and nanotubes.

This work is currently supported by the EPSRC and is being carried out in collaboration with Dr CA Russell (Royal Society Research Fellow).

Research keywords

  • organometallic chemistry
  • phosphaalkyne complexes
  • synthetic protocols
  • arsenido complexes