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Publication - Dr Madhava Rudrakshula

    Two-Step Synthesis of Complex Artificial Macrocyclic Compounds


    Madhavachary, R, Abdelraheem, EM, Rossetti, A, Twarda-Clapa, A, Musielak, B, Kurpiewska, K, Kalinowska-Tłuścik, J, Holak, TA & Dömling, A, 2017, ‘Two-Step Synthesis of Complex Artificial Macrocyclic Compounds’. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol 56., pp. 10725-10729


    The design and synthesis of head-to-tail linked artificial macrocycles using the Ugi-reaction has been developed. This synthetic approach of just two steps is unprecedented, short, efficient and works over a wide range of medium (8–11) and macrocyclic (≥12) loop sizes. The substrate scope and functional group tolerance is exceptional. Using this approach, we have synthesized 39 novel macrocycles by two or even one single synthetic operation. The properties of our macrocycles are discussed with respect to their potential to bind to biological targets that are not druggable by conventional, drug-like compounds. As an application of these artificial macrocycles we highlight potent p53–MDM2 antagonism.

    Full details in the University publications repository