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Name Job title Email Phone number
Dr Chris Adams Lecturer Tel. (0117) 3317191
Professor Varinder Aggarwal Alfred Capper Pass Chair of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 954 6315
Professor Roger Alder Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry
Mr Ed Aldred Technician Tel. (0117) 928 7667
Professor Neil Allan Professor of Physical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 331 7044Telephone Number
Dr Justice Archer Research Associate
Dr Chris Arthur Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3317192
Professor Mike Ashfold Leverhulme Chair Tel. (0117) 928 8312
Dr Emily Baker Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3317243
Dr Ben Baker Lecturer Tel. (0117) 3317191
Professor Gabriel Balint-Kurti Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 954 6391
Mr Borys Banecki Specialist Technician
Ms Lesley Barry School Manager Tel. (0117) 331 7680
Professor Paul Bartlett Professor of Soft Matter Science Tel. (0117) 954 6880
Miss Manda Baynes Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 928 8163
Professor Robin Bedford Professor of Catalysis Tel. (0117) 331 7538
Dr Simon Bennie Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Bhaveshkumar Bharatiya Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Venkateswararao Boddu Marie Curie Research Fellow
Professor Kevin Booker-Milburn Professor of Organic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8157
Dr Pavan Kumar Bosukonda Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 6797
Dr Susannah Bourne-Worster Research Associate
Professor John Bower Professor of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 9933
Dr Andy Boyce Third Party Organisation Tel. (0117) 39 41425
Professor Richard Brereton Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 7658
Dr Wuge Briscoe Reader in Physical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 3318256
Dr Alex Buccheri Research Associate
Ms Bonnie Buckley Teaching Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117)3318060
Mr Joe Budd Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 7645
Dr Ian Bull Research Fellow in Analytical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 331 7554
Professor Craig Butts Professor of Structural and Mechanistic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8115
Dr Peter Bygrave Senior Research Associate
Dr Bryan Bzdek NERC Research Fellow Tel. (0117)3318387
Professor Barry Carpenter Visiting Professor in Chemistry
Ms Emmanuelle Casanova Research Associate
Dr Mattia Cattelan NanoESCA Specialist Senior Research Associate
Mr Paul Chappell Mechanical Workshop Supervisor Tel. (0117) 928 9094
Dr Jonathan Charmant Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 8253
Dr Laura Chavda Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9184
Dr Rabi Chhantyal Pun Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 928 8313
Miss Polly Clare-Hudson Careers Administrator Tel. (0117) 92 88201
Professor Jonathan Clayden Professor of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 3318054
Dr Andrew Collins Lecturer - QTEC Enterprise Developer Tel. (0117) 4034039
Dr Beatrice Collins Royal Society University Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3318260
Professor Neil Connelly Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8162
Dr Graham Cooper Visiting Research Associate
Professor Terence Cosgrove Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7663
Mr Stuart Crane Research Associate
Mr Joel Cresser-Brown Research Associate
Mrs Rosemary Crosby Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 928 8513
Dr John Crosby Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 8445
Professor Matthew Crump Professor of NMR and Structural Biology Tel. (0117) 331 7163
Dr Sean Davis Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 8080Telephone Number
Professor Anthony Davis Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry Tel. (0117) 954 6334
Dr Will Dawson Senior Research Associate in Chemical and Synthetic Biology Tel. (0117) 3317243
Dr Renhua Deng Research Associate
Mr Paul Dinham Electronics Workshop Supervisor Tel. (0117) 928 9092
Miss Nicole Dixon Project Officer Tel. (0117) 928 8311
Professor Richard Dixon Emeritus Professor in Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7661
Miss Jun Dong Research Associate
Dr Jinqiao Dong Research Associate
Dr Thomas Dresselhaus Research Associate
Dr Julie Dunne Senior Research Associate and Commercial Manager Tel. (0117) 331 7699
Professor Julian Eastoe Professor of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 9180
Dr Caitlin Edgell Research Associate
Mr Paul Egan Purchasing And Stores Officer Tel. (0117) 928 9095
Mr Luke Elliott Postdoctoral Research Associate - Organic Synthesis and Chemical Processing Tel. (0117) 954 6320
Dr Jean-Charles Eloi Electron Microscopy Technician
Professor Richard Evershed Professor of Biogeochemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7671
Dr Valerio Fasano EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow
Professor Charl FJ Faul Professor of Materials Chemistry Tel. (0117) 954 6321
Professor David Fermin Professor of Electrochemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8981
Dr Natalie Fey Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 6991
Mr Adrian Fisher Mechanical Workshop Technician
Miss Rachel Fisher Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 3318614
Mr Craig Ford Electronics Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9092
Ms Diane Foster Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 954 6931
Dr Neil Fox Reader Tel. (0117) 928 8729
Mr Samuel Freeman Research Associate
Professor Carmen Galan Professor of Organic and Biological Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7654
Professor Tim Gallagher Professor of Organic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8260
Dr Ning Gao Research Associate
Dr Paul Gates Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3317192
Dr Mattia Ghirardello Research Associate
Mr Toby Gillard Research Analyst
Mr Chris Glinski Synthetic Chemistry Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9925
Dr David Glowacki Royal Society Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 7648
Dr Pierangelo Gobbo Vice Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Yasmin Godage Technician in Synthetic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 954 6318
Dr Bridget Goodwin Senior Teaching Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117)3318062
Dr Michael Green Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 7162
Dr Allen Haddrell Senior Research Associate
Dr Simon Hall Reader in Materials Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7652
Dr Christopher Hansen Visiting Research Associate
Dr Durga Hari Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Robert Harniman Technician in Atomic Force Microscopy Tel. (0117) 928 9929
Mr Tim Harrison Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow
Mr Horatio He Research Associate
Professor Denis Henshaw Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 8705
Dr Zied Hosni Research Associate
Dr Gordon Inglis Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6395
Mr Robin Jeanneret Research Associate
Dr Xuhui Jin Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6332
Dr Iain Kendall Research Associate
Miss Marion Kieffer Research Associate
Mr Nigel Kirby Technician Tel. (0117)3318062
Dr Timothy Knowles Research Fellow in Radiocarbon Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Tel. (0117) 33 17211
Mrs Alison Kuhl Laboratory Manager Tel. (0117) 954 6967
Dr Hanna Kwon Senior Research Associate
Dr Eric Lang BrisSynBio Research Associate (Modelling)
Dr Vittoria Lauretano Research Associate in Reconstruct Terrestrial Temperatures Across the Cenozoic
Mr Paul Lawrence Research Technician Tel. (0117) 331 7358Telephone Number
Dr Helene Ledru Research Associate
Professor Anthony Legon Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 331 7708
Dr Alastair Lennox Royal Society Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 7698
Dr Andreas Lerchen Visiting Research Associate
Dr Mei Li Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 7659
Dr Hsuan Hung Liao Visiting Senior Research Associate
Miss Lucy Lilwall School Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 5016
Dr Jianbo Liu Research Associate
Dr Charlotte Lloyd Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 7317Telephone Number
Dr Lucia Lombardi Research Associate
Ms Kate Lucas CDT Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 8681
Miss Helen MacFarlane Technician
Professor Fred Manby Professor of Theoretical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7664
Professor Stephen Mann Professor of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 9935
Professor Ian Manners Professor of Inorganic & Materials Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7650
Dr James Matthews Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 928 8765
Professor James Maxwell Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Tel. (0117) 3318074
Professor Paul May Professor of Physical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 9927
Dr Nandakumar Meganathan Visiting Research Associate
Dr Rachael Miles CDT Course Manager Tel. (0117) 331 7155
Mr Paul Monaghan Biogeochemistry Technician Tel. (0117) 33 17211
Dr Caroline Morris Honorary Research Associate Tel. (0117)3318052
Professor Adrian Mulholland Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9097
Dr Iuliia Myrgorodska Research Associate
Dr David Naafs Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3317244
Mr Ian Nichols Teaching Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 3318059
Dr Alecia Nickless Research Associate
Dr Adam Noble Research Officer Tel. (0117) 954 6313
Professor Nick Norman Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7577
Mr Michael O'Connor Research Associate
Professor Simon O'Doherty Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry Tel. (0117) 331 7042Telephone Number
Ms Deborah O'Hanlon-Manners Secretary Tel. (0117) 928 7649
Dr Richard Obexer Marie Curie Individual Fellow
Dr Tom Oliver Royal Society University Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 7668
Professor Guy Orpen Deputy Vice-Chancellor, New Campus Development Tel. (0117) 42 83175
Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing Professor Tel. (0117) 928 7672
Mr Simon Osborne Technical Manager Tel. (0117) 928 7646
Professor Rich Pancost Head of School,Professor of Biogeochemistry Tel. (0117) 331 5007
Dr Fabio Parmeggiani BrisSynBio Fellow in Synthetic Biology Tel. (0117) 39 41380
Dr Karen Parrish Teaching Laboratory Fellow Tel. (0117) 3317191
Mrs Lynette Parsons Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 8167
Dr Avinash Patil Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 7215
Mr Sam Pearce Research Associate
Mx Amelia Pereira Assistant Teaching Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 3318059
Professor Adam Perriman Professor of Bioengineering Tel. (0117) 331 1499
Dr Natalie Pridmore Technician Tel. (0117)3318299
Mrs Claire Pringle Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 7647
Professor Paul Pringle Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8114
Dr Kara Ranaghan Visiting Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6391
Professor Emma Raven Head of School,Professor Tel. (0117) 928 7657
Professor Jonathan Reid Professor Tel. (0117) 331 7388
Mr Nigel Rich Mechanical Workshop Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9094
Dr Matthew Rigby Reader in Atmospheric Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7655
Dr Patrick Robertson Research Associate
Dr Melanie Roffet-Salque Royal Society Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 6795
Mr Tony Rogers Research Technician Tel. (0117) 954 6348
Mr Peter Rowe Electronics Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9092
Professor CP Royall Professor of Chemical Physics,Professor of Chemical Physics Tel. (0117) 331 7208
Dr Madhava Rudrakshula Marie Curie Research Fellow
Ms Mar Ruiz Molina CDT Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 954 6314
Miss Silvia Ruscigno Marie Curie Early Career Fellow
Dr Chris Russell Reader Tel. (0117) 928 7599
Dr Soumen Samanta Research Associate
Dr Rakesh Saunthwal Marie Curie Research Fellow
Mr Dan Say Research Associate
Dr Kathleen Sedgley BrisSynBio Scientific Manager Tel. (0117) 39 41297
Professor Dudley Shallcross Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7796
Mr Richard Sherwood Chemistry Support Technician Tel. (0117) 928 7646
Dr Chao Shu Research Associate in the Aggarwal Group
Dr Radhe Shyam Research Associate
Dr Mattia Silvi Visiting Research Associate
Professor Tom Simpson Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 7656
Dr Imke Sittel Research Associate
Dr James Smith Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 7667
Professor David Smith Education Director for Online and Blended Learning,Professorial Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 41662
Miss Lauren Smith Outreach and Postgraduate Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 7663
Dr Mahima Sneha Marie Curie Individual Fellow
Dr Zhongshu Song Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6325
Dr Hazel Sparkes Research Fellow in X-Ray Crystallography Tel. (0117) 3318298
Dr Steve Street EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow
Mr Tom Swift EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow
Mr Duncan Tarling Glassblowing Workshop Supervisor Tel. (0117) 928 9096
Mr Miles Taylor UX Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40173
Dr Jia Tian Marie Curie Individual Fellow
Dr Liangfei Tian Postdoctoral Research Associate in Protolife-inspired materials Tel. (0117) 331 6797
Dr David Tilly Honorary Research Associate
Dr Devendra Tiwari Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 928 9930
Dr Rachel Tunnicliffe Research Associate
Dr Antonio Valenzuela Gutierrez Visiting Senior Research Associate
Dr Marc Van der Kamp Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 2147
Dr Jeroen Van Duijneveldt Reader in Physical Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7665
Professor Brian Vincent Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 8160
Dr Steve Wales Research Associate
Dr Jim Walker Senior Research Associate
Dr Xu-Dong Wang Research Associate
Dr Gang Wang Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Luoyi Wang BrisSynBio Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6323
Professor Duncan Wass Visiting Professor Tel. (0117) 928 7655
Dr Colin Western Reader in Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 8653
Mrs Clare Westlake Executive Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 928 8158
Dr Helen Whelton Research Associate Specialised in the analysis of Organic Compounds
Dr George Whittell Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 8282
Dr Christopher Williams Research Associate in NMR Tel. (0117) 954 6324
Professor Chris Willis Professor of Organic Chemistry Tel. (0117) 928 7660
Mr Mark Wiltshire Stores Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9095
Mr Ash Winter Research Associate
Mr Mark Wonnacott Research Associate
Dr Christopher Woods EPSRC Research Software Engineer Fellowship Tel. (0117) 39 41734
Professor Dek Woolfson Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Alt. (0117) 39 41314Telephone Number
Professor Paul Wyatt Professorial Teaching Fellow,Senior Academic Developer Tel. (0117) 928 9183
Dr Can Xu Research Associate
Dr Songjie Yu Marie Curie Research Fellow
Ms Marija Zacharova Research Associate
Dr Yifan Zhang Research Associate
Dr Bin Zhou Honorary Senior Research Associate