Centenary crossword competition: the four cornerstones

The University commissioned a crossword as part of the celebrations of its centenary. The puzzle was published in the University’s 300-page centenary book – 100: A collection of words and images to mark the centenary of the University of Bristol – and on the centenary website.

The sender of the first correct solution (with the four cornerstones identified) received at the University by 1 May 2009 and subsequently drawn from the hat by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eric Thomas, was Jonathan Crowther, who lives in Oxford. His prize was a £100 book token.

The opportunity to win a prize may have passed, but you can still try your hand at the puzzle. The crossword grid and clues appear below.

The solution to the crossword and the setter’s accompanying notes are also available.

The crossword (by ESROM)

Centenary crossword


1. Residence repeatedly showing future potential (5,4)

8. ‘Pow’ is a relatively objective term for Burns (4)

12. What’s 8½ x 3½ inches (6)

13. Pirate with his heart in his bottom (3-3)

14. Stone-blind I’m not (6-7)

15. US city attached to wrong state – take it out with rubber (5)

18. Seminars (9)

20. What the creed itself needs? (2-4)

22. Crime writer; magazine; band (5)

25. Is it morally wrong about ‘first-class’? (5,4)

27. It’s irregularly formed, and so are they usually (5)

29. International scout conference (6)

31. May trees indicate a local watering hole? Yes (9)

36. Get the kid undressed (5)

37. Many a freak storm is shattering with its noise (13)

38. What’s common (not U) about a former love is how it was! (6)

39. ‘By his ______ hat and staff, and his sandal shoon’ (Shak.) (6)

40. Tacked in all directions (4)

41. Big spouter spouted a cry of woe to the audience (4,5)


2. I cut a path to the top – it sounds like a Wagner hero introducing himself (3-3)

3. It makes a lout like a king? The reverse (5)

4. Tricky problem with a meat dish, one for…… (3,6)

5. ……a bigwig, too (2,4)

6. Heavy hint (4)

7. The relevant machine cut a strip of wood (4)

9. What Job’s horse said among the trumpets (2-2)

10. Workshop would be grander with street frontage (7)

11. Vice-Chancellor conveyed by horse or car (6)

12. Even in fog will early birds assemble here (6)

16. It’s said once with a blow and twice after it (5)

17. An anti-submarine mortar (5)

19. Clue’s mine, unfortunately: light’s yours! (9)

21. ‘______ but full of dash’ (old clue to setter’s code) (5)

23. Uplifting start to environmental story gives one cheer (5)

24. Once again started touching a festering sore (7)

26. Maggiore’s smaller neighbour (6)

27. MOT has failed a best-selling engine (6)

28. There’s copper and zinc in it, and sometimes tin (6)

30. My voluntary service lends grace to degree-giving (6)

32. I’m aggressive, yet watchful at heart (5)

33. Recognised but little used, we hear (4)

34. End of smoking gives rise to objections (4)

35. It’s idyllic when you get past this test! (4)


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The solution

Centenary crossword solution

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The setter's notes


1. Wills Hall (will shall)

8. Wham (whom, Sc.: Scots, Wha Hae)

12. Octavo

13. Sea-rat (ra in seat)

14. Weight-watcher

15. Latex (L.A., Tex.)

18. Colloquia

20. Re-edit (hidden)

22. Queen (Ellery)

25. Royal Mail (ref. late delivery)

27. Teeth (plural, physical)

29. Indaba

31. Hawthorns (University bar)

36. Suede

37. Monstrosities (anag.)

38. Sexual ([u]sual about ex)

39. Cockle (Hamlet)

40. Sewn (compass points)

41. Blue Whale (blew wail)


2. Ice-axe (I, Sachs…)

3. Lager (regal rev.)

4. Hot potato (hotpot a to)

5. As well (a swell)

6. Lead (two meanings)

7. Lath (lath[e])

9. Ha-ha (Job 39)

10. Atelier ([st]atelier)

11. Morgan (three meanings)

12. Owlery (alternate letters)

16. There (interj.)

17. Squid

19. Luminesce (anag.)

21. Dotty (Morse)

23. Elate (e tale rev.)

24. Rearose (re a anag.)

26. Varese (Italian lake)

27. Thomas (The Tank Engine)

28. Ormolu

30. Bedell

32. Butch (but ch)

33. Knew (new)

34. Stub (buts rev.)

35. Oral ([past]oral)


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The four cornerstones

  1. WILLS - Henry Overton Wills, the University’s first Chancellor
  2. MORGAN - Professor Conwy Lloyd Morgan, the University’s first Vice-Chancellor
  3. HALE - The Rt Hon the Baroness Hale of Richmond, the University’s current Chancellor
  4. THOMAS - Professor Eric Thomas, the University’s current Vice-Chancellor

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