Banner on the wall of the H H Wills Physics Laboratory

As part of its centenary celebrations, the University ran a competition to design a banner, which was displayed on the external west-facing wall of the H H Wills Physics Laboratory.

The winning design was by Timo Kunkel from the Department of Computer Science.

His photograph, showing the Wills Memorial Building, Park Street, the Triangle and surrounding area, was displayed on a banner 15 metres wide by six metres high.

Speaking about his inspiration for the project, Timo said:

‘The idea behind the photograph was to create a small "planet" which is illuminated by the sun from on one side while the other side is at night. Due to the unusual projection, the interaction of light sources and shadows creates an interesting ambience. It also shows the continuation of changes of night and day and therefore represents time.’

City-centre banners

To highlight the centenary beyond the University precinct, four large banners were displayed for much of 2009 on The Centre, close to The Hippodrome. They were designed to capture some of the essence and history of the institution.