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Professor George Davey Smith

Professor George Davey Smith

Professor George Davey Smith
MA(Oxon), MD,BChir(Cantab), MSc(Lond)

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

Office OS10
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
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+44 (0) 117 3310095



George Davey Smith is a clinical epidemiologist whose research has pioneered (1) understanding of the causes and alleviation of health inequalities; (2) lifecourse epidemiology (3) systematic reviewing of evidence of effectiveness of health care and health policy interventions (4) population health contributions of the new genetics. He has published over 700 peer-reviewed journal articles, 15 books/edited collections and numerous editorials, commentaries and reviews. Major contributions include: a) the demonstration of the influence of childhood socio-economic deprivation on cause-specific morbidity and mortality patterns in adult life; b) methodological developments in meta-analysis (One paper has over 3000 citations to date); c) elucidation of factors underlying socio-economic differences in morbidity and mortality in the UK, US, Norway and India d) the development and application of Mendelian randomisation approaches, interrogating the causal role of behavioural factors (such as alcohol consumption) and intermediate phenotypes (such as fibrinogen and C-reactive protein) on different health outcomes. He is an ISI highly cited scholar (h index greater than 90 – this needs to be calculated manually as citations are under various guises, Smith GD, Davey Smith G, Davey SG, amongst others) and Foreign Associate of the Institute of Medicine. He is co-editor of the International Journal of Epidemiology (during his tenure the impact factor has increased from less than 2 to over 5), has sat on the MRC Public Health and Health Services Research and the MRC Physiological Medicine and Infection Boards and the MRC Military Health Research Advisory Group. He has established or has been central to the running of a large number of epidemiological cohort studies involving detailed clinical and biomarker assessments. He is currently Scientific Director of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children; during his tenure considerable funds have been secured for ongoing follow-up and the resource has become widely utilised by the scientific community. He is also awarded Directorship of the MRC Centre for Causal Analyses in Translational Epidemiology in 2007 and is Director of the Wellcome Trust 4 year PhD programme in Lifecourse and Genetic Epidemiology at the Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol.

Recent publications

  • Satija, A, Hu, FB, Bowen, L, Bharathi, AV, Vaz, M, Prabhakaran, D, Reddy, KS, Ben-Shlomo, Y, Smith, GD, Kinra, S & Ebrahim, S 2015, ‘Dietary patterns in India and their association with obesity and central obesity’. Public Health Nutrition., pp. 1-11
  • Hardcastle, SA, Dieppe, P, Gregson, CL, Smith, GD & Tobias, JH 2015, ‘Osteoarthritis and bone mineral density: are strong bones bad for joints?’. BoneKEy reports, vol 4., pp. 624
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  • Miller, LL, Pembrey, M, Smith, GD, Northstone, K & Golding, J 2014, ‘Is the Growth of the Fetus of a Non-Smoking Mother Influenced by the Smoking of Either Grandmother while Pregnant?’. PLOS ONE, vol 9.
  • Richmond, RC, Smith, GD, Ness, AR, Hoed, Md, McMahon, G & Timpson, NJ 2014, ‘Assessing Causality in the Association between Child Adiposity and Physical Activity Levels: A Mendelian Randomization Analysis’. PloS Medicine, vol 11.
  • Elliott, HR, Tillin, T, McArdle, WL, Ho, K, Duggirala, A, Frayling, TM, Smith, GD, Hughes, AD, Chaturvedi, N & Relton, CL 2014, ‘Differences in smoking associated DNA methylation patterns in South Asians and Europeans’. Clinical epigenetics, vol 6., pp. 4
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