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Dr Andrew Mumford

Dr Andrew Mumford

Dr Andrew Mumford
MB,ChB(Bristol), PhD(Lond)

Reader in Haematology

Level 7,
Bristol Royal Infirmary, Upper Maudlin Street BS2 8HW
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 342 3152

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Recent publications

  • Chen, L, Kostadima, M, Martens, JHA, Canu, G, Garcia, SP, Turro, E, Downes, K, Macaulay, IC, Bielczyk-Maczynska, E, Coe, S, Farrow, S, Poudel, P, Burden, F, Jansen, SBG, Astle, WJ, Attwood, A, Bariana, T, Bono, Bd, Breschi, A, Chambers, JC, Choudry, FA, Clarke, L, Coupland, P, Ent, Mvd, Erber, WN, Jansen, JH, Favier, R, Fenech, ME, Foad, N, Freson, K, Geet, Cv, Gomez, K, Guigo, R, Hampshire, D, Kelly, AM, Kerstens, HHD, Kooner, JS, Laffan, M, Lentaigne, C, Labalette, C, Martin, T, Meacham, S, Mumford, A, Nürnberg, S, Palumbo, E, Reijden, BAvd, Richardson, D, Sammut, SJ, Slodkowicz, G, Tamuri, AU, Vasquez, L, Voss, K, Watt, S, Westbury, S, Flicek, P, Loos, R, Goldman, N, Bertone, P, Read, RJ, Richardson, S, Cvejic, A, Soranzo, N, Ouwehand, WH, Stunnenberg, HG, Frontini, M, Rendon, A, & Mumford, AD 2014, ‘Transcriptional diversity during lineage commitment of human blood progenitors’. Science (New York, N.Y.), vol 345., pp. 1251033
  • Nisar, SP, Lordkipanidzé, M, Jones, ML, Dawood, B, Murden, S, Cunningham, MR, Mumford, AD, Wilde, JT, Watson, SP, Mundell, SJ, Lowe, GC & 2014, ‘A novel thromboxane A2 receptor N42S variant results in reduced surface expression and platelet dysfunction’. Thrombosis & Haemostasis, vol 111., pp. 923-32

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