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Publication - Mrs Sophie Nedelec

    Beyond a simple effect

    Variable and changing responses to anthropogenic noise


    Radford, AN, Purser, J, Bruintjes, R, Voellmy, IK, Everley, KA, Wale, MA, Holles, S & Simpson, SD, 2016, ‘Beyond a simple effect: Variable and changing responses to anthropogenic noise’. in: Arthur N Popper, Anthony Hawkins (eds) The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II. Springer, New York, NY, pp. 901-907


    A growing number of experimental studies have demonstrated that exposure to anthropogenic noise can affect the behavior and physiology of a variety of aquatic organisms. However, work in other fields suggests that responses are likely to differ between species, individuals, and situations and across time. We suggest that issues such as interspecific and intrapopulation variation, context dependency, repeated exposure and prior experience, and recovery and compensation need to be considered if we are to gain a full understanding of the impacts of this global pollutant.

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