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Mrs Sophie Nedelec

Mrs Sophie Nedelec

Mrs Sophie Nedelec

Research Collaborator

Area of research

Effects of man-made noise on fish development and behaviour

Life Sciences Building,
24 Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TQ
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+44 (0) 117 39 41415


Fishes and many invertebrates are dependent on their auditory systems for communication, orientation and evaluation of ‘acoustic daylight’, but could be under threat from rising levels of anthropogenic noise. Boats, ships, construction, resource extraction, and other human activities create underwater noise that can cause tissue damage, auditory threshold shifts, masking, and a range of physiological, cognitive and behavioural changes. Fishes and invertebrates provide a vital food source to millions of people and form crucial links in many food webs, investigating the fitness consequences of noise pollution will lend insights to the population and community level impacts of noise that are relevant to species survival and evolution.

I am interested in how animals sense and process information about the world around them, and how this influences physiology, behaviour, communication and intergenerational effects.


Academic Qualifications

2009-2010: M.Sc by research, University of Bristol: "The Impact of Ship Noise on Three-Spined Stickleback Behaviour". Supervisor: Dr. Andy Radford. Awarded commendation for excellence in a masters thesis by the faculty of Science, University of Bristol.

2006-2009: B.Sc (Hons) Zoology, University of Durham. Third year project: "Could playbacks of loud calls mitigate crop-raiding behaviour by Buton macaques?" Supervisors: Dr. Phil Stephens and Dr. Nancy Pristol. First class (85%).


Research Experience

2011: Lead Scientist, Humpback whale monitoring project, Western Australia Marine Science Institute (WAMSI)

2011: Laboratory assistant, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Perth: Investigating effect of extreme climatic events on fish growth using otolith biochronologies.

2010-2011: Field assistant, Le Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement de Polynésie Française (CRIOBE): Investigating the effect of boat noise on adult and larval coral reef fish.



Demonstrating and marking BSc Hons student practicals, University of Bristol

L1 Diversity of life, L2 Evolutionary Biology, Acquisition of Behaviour

2009-2010 Author for AQA Biology A level teaching and revision material.
2009-2010 Co-supervision of two BSc Hons students: Projects on effects of noise on stickleback behaviour.

Demonstrating and marking BSc student practicals, University of Bristol

L1 Diversity of life, L2 Behavioural Ecology



  • Animal behaviour
  • Sensory ecology
  • Bioacoustics
  • Anthropogenic disturbance
  • Learning and cognition


  • Playback experiments
  • auditory brainstem response audiometry
  • acoustic analysis

Recent publications

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Networks & contacts

  • Suzie Mills

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