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Mrs Sophie Nedelec


2013 International Ethological Conference - Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, Newcastle. Talk "Chronic noise affects predator avoidance behaviour via trade offs in resource use"
  3rd International Conference on The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, Budapest. Talk "Effects of boat noise on fish and sea hares"
2012 European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Edinburgh. Poster: “Effects of Boat Noise on Fish”
  SeaBASS Bioacoustics Summer School, PA. Poster: “Effects of Boat Noise on Fish”
2011 Reef Conservation UK conference, Zoological Society of London. Oral presentation: "Boat noise affects directional swimming behaviour and recruitment in larval reef fish"
  Institue of Acoustics conference, Southampton. "Ambient noise in North European seas: Monitoring, impact and management"
  Australian Marine Science Association conference, Freemantle, Australia.
  Featured on NERC Planet Earth Online podcast
2010 Seminar on Interdisciplinarity, University of Bristol. 1st prize poster: "Could loud calls mitigate crop-raiding by primates?"
  Marine Biological Association conference, Glasgow. Poster presentation: "Improvements for playback experiments in tanks"
  "The Big Bang South West Innovation Awards" Judge.
  "Biodiversity Week" Year 6 Landscape activities, Sefton Park Primary School, Bristol; Year 3 Animal activities, South Street Primary School, Bristol.
  "Festival of Nature" Interactive demonstration stall on effects of noise on fish.
   "Discover Science" Interactive demonstration stall on biodiversity in everyday products.
2009   Vitae conference, Cardiff: "Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics".