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Mrs Sophie Nedelec


Academic Qualifications

2009-2010: M.Sc by research, University of Bristol: "The Impact of Ship Noise on Three-Spined Stickleback Behaviour". Supervisor: Dr. Andy Radford. Awarded commendation for excellence in a masters thesis by the faculty of Science, University of Bristol.

2006-2009: B.Sc (Hons) Zoology, University of Durham. Third year project: "Could playbacks of loud calls mitigate crop-raiding behaviour by Buton macaques?" Supervisors: Dr. Phil Stephens and Dr. Nancy Pristol. First class (85%).


Research Experience

2011: Lead Scientist, Humpback whale monitoring project, Western Australia Marine Science Institute (WAMSI)

2011: Laboratory assistant, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Perth: Investigating effect of extreme climatic events on fish growth using otolith biochronologies.

2010-2011: Field assistant, Le Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement de Polynésie Française (CRIOBE): Investigating the effect of boat noise on adult and larval coral reef fish.