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Dr Shelby Temple


My philosophy on teaching is that university degrees are the highest level of education available and that the calibre of teaching and quality of information presented should reflect this, but also that students should be expected to put in the effort required to fully understand the information not just memorize it. I do not agree with the contemporary business-plan approach to teaching, in which students are consumers and we are selling an education. I think we are sharing and imparting knowledge, and that instructors have an obligation to package that information in a way that is captivating in order to help maintain student interest.

 I like to challenge students to help them learn how to critically analyze all that they read, see, hear and learn. And I prefer to teach to the upper 25 % not the mean. Universities are full of resources and there is no excuse to not finding the information needed. On that note I, make it clear to my students that I am open to and available for further discussions. 

2010                     Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (The University of Queensland)

 One of several lecturers, led critical thinking tutorials,responsible for part of the exam.

2007-2008             Neuroethology (University of Victoria)

 Taught half of the course twice, developed course material from scratch, led critical thinking tutorials, responsible for half of the exam and marking

2007-2008             Animal Behaviour (University of Victoria)

Laboratory Instructor, wrote quizzes, marked major assignment and invigilated exam

2006                     Advanced Marine Biology (University of Victoria)

Invited Lecturer, wrote exam questions related to lectures

2005-2008             General Biology I (University of Victoria)

                                    Laboratory Instructor, wrote quizzes, marked major assignment 

2005-2008             General Biology II (University of Victoria)

 Laboratory Instructor, wrote quizzes, marked major assignment


2005                     Neuroethology (University of Victoria)

                                    Guests lectures on vision in aquatic animals

2004 & 2002          Sensory Biology (University of Victoria)

Led critical thinking tutorials, guests lectures on vision in aquatic animals, lateral line

2002                     Upper level Course (Education Department, University of Victoria)

Invited Lecturer

2001                     Animal Behaviour (University of Victoria)

Laboratory Instructor, wrote quizzes, and marked major assignment

1999                     General Biology (Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

 Laboratory demonstrator, assisted with marking