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Dr Marc Holderied


Level one

BIOL12000 ‘Sensory ecology’ on including practical on analysis of animal sounds and acoustic identification of British bats (with popular voluntary field work) ranks 1st in student feedback in many categories

Level two

 BIOL20009 Field course on the biology of bats either to the Negev desert in Israel or to Costa Ricas rainforests.

BIOL20010 My most substantial teaching contribution continues to be ‘Science & Success: Writing, Speaking and Communicating Science’ on transferable skills, which has won me the University’s 2011 e-learning award. Through role play, practicals and online peer collaboration students learn Scientific writing, Writing for the media, Presentation skills, Job hunting and Interview skills, Digital literacy, Career planning and the unit culminates in an evidence-based Personal development plan. The highly and ambitious complex unit is extremely popular with students, and to allow us to extend the range of acquired skills it has gone up from 10 to 20 credit points starting in 2013. Several departments and faculties have started to copy (elements of) this unit for their own transferable skills training.

Level three


BIOL31132 Since 2012 I teach the unit on ‘Sensory ecology’ shared with Profs Robert and Partridge, which was an instant success with student feedback being almost unanimous 5* for being inspiring.