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Dr Katherine Baldock


I have experience of designing, delivering and assessing a range of lecture courses and have supervised postgraduate and undergraduate projects.

Lecturing: Schools of Biology and Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

I delivered lectures, practical sessions, in-course assessments and examinations for three undergraduate courses:

  • Population and Community Ecology (third year course)
  • Principles of Ecology (second year course)
  • Field Biology (second year course).

Student project supervision: Universities of Edinburgh & Bristol

  • Supervision of Masters student Travis Guy, University of Florida, co-supervised with Professor Todd Palmer
  • Supervision of visiting Masters student to Community Ecology lab (Rudi Verspoor, Imperial College)
  • Supervision of individual Senior Honours research projects covering a range of topics (12 students; 2007-2009)
  • Provision of guidance in project design and statistical analysis as a full-time tutor for Zoology & Evolutionary Biology Senior Honours students in 2007 (84 students) and 2008 (53 students).
  • Supervision of undergraduate student group projects for two courses: Behavioural Ecology (third year) and Principles of Ecology (second year).
  • University supervisor for University of Edinburgh Orchid Pollination undergraduate research expedition to Mexico

Tutorials: Schools of Biology and Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

  • Quantitative Zoology (Senior Honours course): Organisation and delivery of computer practicals and problem-based discussion tutorials in statistical analysis and project design; 2007: 92 students, 2008: 56 students.
  • Biometrics (second year undergraduate course): tutorials in statistics.

Postgraduate demonstrator: Schools of Biology and Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

  • First year undergraduate: Origin and Diversity of Life, Quantification in the Life Sciences, Environmental and Community Biology
  • Second year undergraduate: Animal Biology, Field Biology, Principles of Ecology
  • Junior Honours: Ecological Measurement, Population and Community Ecology