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Dr Katherine Baldock


The Urban Pollinators project has been actively engaged with the public throughout the course of the project including public seminars, talks to allotment owners, Wildlife Trusts, beekeeping groups and others.

I have worked closely with partners at Bristol City Council, Reading Borough Council, Leeds City Council and City of Edinburgh Council to create 60 urban flower meadows in public parks, schools and university grounds. Many of these flower meadows are continuing beyond the project lifetime, providing food for pollinating insects and colourful displays for people into the future.

The project has also worked closely with partners at the Avon Wildlife Trust and Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust to deliver educational sessions on pollinators to schools in Bristol and Reading.

We have been actively engaged with the media, participating in BBC TV, radio and online coverage as well as contributing to articles in the Guardian and more specialised publications including the Royal Horticultural Society's magazine The Garden.

Selected highlights to which I have directly contributed:

Further details of media coverage and public engagement activities can be found in the News section of the project website.

Project press releases from the University of Bristol: