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Publication - Professor Innes Cuthill

    The Experimental Design Assistant


    Sert, NPd, Bamsey, I, Bate, ST, Berdoy, M, Clark, RA, Cuthill, I, Fry, D, Carp, NA, Macleod, M, Moon, L, Stanford, SC & Lings, B, 2017, ‘The Experimental Design Assistant’. PLoS Biology, vol 15.


    Addressing the common problems that researchers encounter when designing and analysing animal experiments will improve the reliability of in vivo research. In this article, the Experimental Design Assistant (EDA) is introduced. The EDA is a web-based tool that guides the in vivo researcher through the experimental design and analysis process, providing automated feedback on the proposed design and generating a graphical summary that aids communication with colleagues, funders, regulatory authorities, and the wider scientific community. It will have an important role in addressing causes of irreproducibility.

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