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Publication - Dr Heather Whitney

    Characterization of chloroplast iridescence in Selaginella erythropus


    Masters, N, Garcia, ML, Oulton, R & Whitney, H, 2018, ‘Characterization of chloroplast iridescence in Selaginella erythropus’. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol 15.


    Iridescence in shade-dwelling plants has previously been described in
    only a few plant groups, and even fewer where the structural colour is
    produced by intracellular structures. In contrast with other Selaginella
    species, this work reports the first example in the genus of structural
    colour originating from modified chloroplasts. Characterization of
    these structures determines that they form one-dimensional photonic
    multilayers. The Selaginella bizonoplasts present an analogous structure to recently reported Begonia iridoplasts; however, unlike Begonia species that produce iridoplasts, this Selaginella
    species was not previously described as iridescent. This therefore
    raises the possibility of widespread but unobserved and uncharacterized
    photonic structures in plants.

    Full details in the University publications repository