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Dr Emma Stone


BSc Integrated Wildlife Conservation, University of the West of England

I lead the module in Animal Behaviour for Wildlife Conservation

BSc Zoological Management and Conservation South Gloucestershire and Stroud College 

I lead the module in the Role of Animal Collections in Conservation

MSc in Ecology and Management of the Natural Environment University of Bristol

I teach conservation biology, bat survey techniques, wildlife mitigation and management

MSc in Biodiversity Surveying Nottingham Trent University
I teach bat biology, bat research methods, wildlife mitigation and conservation biology

Small Mammal Ecology and Survey Techniques The Mammal Society, UK
I conduct residential training courses in Small Mammal Ecology and Survey Techniques for participants of all ages and backgrounds

Bat Survey Techniques (AnaBat)
I conduct independent AnaBat bat acoustic surveying and identification training courses for Wildlife Trusts, Ecological Consultants and Universities

Student Supervision:I am supervising three University of Bristol postgraduate student projects: investigating the emergence behaviour of Plecotus auritus (MSc); the roosting ecology of lesser horseshoe bats in the UK (Internship); and and the impact of lighting on bats in Asia (MSc).