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Dr Emma Stone


Previous experience

I have worked in conservation research for over 20 years. To date most of my research has been in Africa. After completing my undergraduate degree I worked for six years in Zambia as a Assistant Research Coordinator on the Biodiversity Project in Kafue National Park and Project Manager at Munda Wanga Wildlife Park. During this time I was involved in many different projects from field research and monitoring to welfare based rehabilitation, education and awareness projects. Whilst in Zambia I undertook research with a variety of species, as conducting a biodiversity survey meant I had to become familiar with most groups including, birds, butterflies, beetles, reptiles, amphibians, large and small mammals - including bats.

I have also worked on various short term projects, including an Education Display Coordinator for the Philippines Outreach project at Chester Zoo; a nine month project studying the impact of domestic cats on wildlife in Bristol funded by MTUK, and Assisting Ecologist studying African wild dogs in South Luangwa National Park.

Recently I have founded and manage Conservation Research Africa (CRA), a research charity based in Malawi where I manage a successful multidisciplinary research programme assessing the impacts of global environmental change (GEC) on wildlife and society.


2011 - Faculty of Science Commendation of Excellence for my PhD thesis (University of Bristol)

2010 - Vincent Weir Scientific National Award for my contribution to the conservation biology of UK bats through my PhD research

2009 – Acorn Ecology Prize – for best student paper at the Mammal Society Easter Conference

2005 - Environmental and Behavioural Biology Prize - best performance for MSc research