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Professor Colin Pennycuick

Animal Flight and Animal Locomotion


Flight 1.24 is software that I have written which models the mechanics of bird flight, covering flapping and gliding flight, and long-distance migration.

Version 1.23 has some extra items in the output, and the summary screens have been reorganised. The program was developed to run under Windows XP, but also runs under Windows 7 and Vista Home Premium, and is believed still to run under various earlier MS Windows versions, including Win98 and Win2000. The software is distributed free to academic users. Please note, however, I make no guarantee that it is bug free and neither I nor the University of Bristol can be held responsible for problems encountered by the use of the program.

The following book covers the background to the Flight program:
Pennycuick, C.J. (2008) Modelling the Flying Bird. Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-12-374299-5.