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Publication - Professor Claire Grierson

    Evolving dynamical networks: A formalism for describing complex systems


    Gorochowski, TE, Di Bernardo, M & Grierson, CS, 2012, ‘Evolving dynamical networks: A formalism for describing complex systems’. Complexity, vol 17., pp. 18-25


    We introduce a comprehensive formalism called an Evolving Dynamical Network (EDN) that aims to provide a common description for many types of complex system in applied science and engineering. We expand the currently available formalisms and define a new modeling framework able to incorporate network topology, dynamics, and evolution in an integrated way. Although the main focus is to provide a common framework, we find that evolving dynamical networks also highlight several interesting implications regarding possible control mechanisms for complex systems. A physical example is used throughout to illustrate the advantages and limitations of the various approaches described in the article.

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