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Mr Ed Drewitt


Ed is a Bristol trained zoologist working at the University of Bristol as a senior teaching associate and trainer. He is also a freelance naturalist, broadcast and wildlife detective – the latter relating to his skill in identifying the various skulls, feathers and parts of birds relating to his diet work on peregrines. Ed is an experienced birder, and has been birdwatching since at least 7 years old. He shows people birds through tour leading for Naturetrek, courses/training relating to bird and birdsong identification and wildlife boat trips along the Avon Gorge and the Exe Estuary. He’s previously worked for the RSPB and Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery. Ed has also been involved with various bird surveys for the British Trust for Ornithology and more recently been lecturing and doing fieldwork with MSc students in bird surveying at the University of Bristol. Ed is an experienced bird ringer, is on the committee of the Bristol Ornithological Club and a former president of the ornithological section of the Bristol Naturalists Society. Ed has also been a reporter on BBC Radio 4 natural history programmes and works closely as a contributor and advisor for the BBC’s Natural History Unit.