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Dr Sally Wood

Dispersal as a control on coral biogeography under a changing climate

Of the various factors controlling the distribution and ecology of coral reefs, dispersal by ocean currents may have particular significance to the future of reef ecosystems; influencing range shifts, resilience to degradation via population replenishment and also adaptive potential via the flow of genetic material.

My current research involves modeling coral dispersal and potential population connectivity on scales relevant to future environmental change. To do this I am using the Connectivity Modelling System, in development at RSMAS, University of Miami, adapted to the global scale.

See my personal webpage (links on the right)Galapagos model trajectoriesGalapagos model trajectories for more info and pictures!


Prof. Andy Ridgwell (School of Geographical Sciences)

Dr Erica Hendy (School of Biological Sciences/Department of Earth Sciences)

Prof. Claire Paris (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, U. Miami)

Dr Steve Simpson (School of Biological Sciences)

Global larval trajectory densityGlobal larval trajectory density

Research keywords

  • Coral reefs Climate change Biogeography Population connectivity Biophysical modeling