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Publication - Dr Kathryn Ford

    Honey fungus

    new insights into a tree killer


    Ford, K, Bailey, AM & Foster, G, 2017, ‘Honey fungus: new insights into a tree killer’. The Plantsman, vol 16., pp. 48-54


    The name honey fungus is enough to strike fear into many a gardener. The fungus is one of the most dreaded pathogens of agriculturalists and horticulturists alike and has topped the RHS Advisory Service pathogen enquiry list consistently for the past 20 years. Common in gardens and woodlands throughout the United Kingdom, honey fungus causes Armillaria root disease. By reputation, it can kill mature trees and shrubs within a few years and no plant is known to be completely immune. In this article, we address whether this reputation is fully deserved, and present recent research aimed at understanding this disease, in particular highlighting recent research performed in conjunction with the RHS.

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