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Dr Mark Dodding

Dr Mark Dodding

Dr Mark Dodding

Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology

Office EW16
Biomedical Sciences Building,
University Walk, Clifton BS8 1TD
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+44 (0) 117 331 1675


Research in our lab aims to understand the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways that control the distribution and dynamics of subcellular components, focusing on structure, function, molecular mechanism and regulation of the key biomolecular machines and multiprotein complexes that regulate cellular organisation. We also seek to apply that knowledge to develop novel chemical tools to manipulate these systems. We take a multi-disciplinary approach that combines advanced cell imaging with cell biology, biophysics and structural approaches to define the molecular basis of these dynamic processes.

Our first major contribution was to show, how a microtubule motor motor, in this case kinesin-1, recognises the some of the cargo that it carries (Science. 2013.19, 356-9). We have since gone onto show how cargo engagement can regulate the activity of the motor (PNAS. 2016. 113, 2418-23) and identifed new cargo recognition mechanism (eLife. 2018). An important focus us now in this area is to use this information to develop small molecules that can manipulate this mechanism and to understand whether such molecules may be of therapeutic use. Our proof-of-concept study describing the first such compound, kinesore, was recently published (PNAS. 2017. 114, 13738-13743).

In another research theme, we have studied how the spatial organisation of the lysosomal membrane compartment is regulated by metabolic state, and in doing so, implicated a tumour suppressor protein called Folliculin in controlling inter-organelle contacts between lysosomes and the Golgi apparatus (EMBO Reports. 2016. 17, 823-41). Our continuing work in this area is focusing on understanding how the architecture of the lysosomal membrane compartment is re-established after cell division.



  • Lister Institute Prize Fellow
    School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol
  • Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology / Research Group Leader
    School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol


Previous positions, training, and education

  • Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow / Research Group Leader
    Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, King's College London
  • London Law Trust Medal Fellow / Research Group Leader
    Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, King's College London
  • Postdoctoral Work 
    Cell Motility Lab (Head - Dr Michael Way), Cancer Research UK, Lincoln's Inn Fields
  • Postgraduate 
    PhD from MRC National Institute for Medical Research (Supervisor - Dr Jonathan Stoye)/ University College London
  • Undergraduate 
    BSc Hons (1st Class) Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh


Mark currently teaches on :

BIOC20001: Molecular Cell Biology (Lectures, Year 2)

BIOC30601: Advanced Cell Biology (Lectures, Year 3)

Biomedical Research, Employability and Enterprise Skills

Gene expression and rearrangment (Year 2, Tutor)

Recombinant DNA Technology (Year 2, tutor)

Personal tutor for groups in Years 1,2 & 3





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