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Publication - Dr Anna Chambers

    Cancer and the bromodomains of BAF180


    Brownlee, PM, Chambers, AL, Oliver, AW & Downs, JA, 2012, ‘Cancer and the bromodomains of BAF180’. Biochemical Society Transactions, vol 40., pp. 364-9


    Chromatin remodelling complexes alter the structure of chromatin and have central roles in all DNA-templated activities, including regulation of gene expression and DNA repair. Mutations in subunits of the PBAF (polybromo/Brg1-associated factor) or SWI/SNF-B remodelling complex, including BAF180, are frequently associated with cancer. There are six potential acetyl-lysine-binding BDs (bromodomains) in BAF180, which may function to target the PBAF complex to promoters or sites of DNA repair. In the present review, we discuss what is currently known about the BDs of BAF180 and their potential significance in cancer.

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