Dr Jenny McNamara

Senior Teaching Fellow

Veterinary and Human Anatomy

Centre for Applied Anatomy
University of Bristol, Southwell Street, Bristol, BS2 8EJ
0117 928 8352 (ext 88352)

Teaching responsibilities

Unit organiser: Human Anatomy (HA) 2, Abdomen, Pelvis and Limbs; Anatomical science (AS)1B and AS1B for Engineering MSc.

Element lead: BVSc 1 - Dental anatomy; BVSc 2: Neuroanatomy, Special Senses, Aves; HA- Thorax and Lower Limb; AS1B- Digestive and Urogenital systems; Anatomical science with Veterinary Anatomy- Thorax and Pelvis.

Practical demonstrator: All BVSc 1 and BVSc 1 anatomy practicals; all AS1A and AS1B practicals; HA Thorax and Lower Limb practicals; Veterinary Anatomy


  • Use of 3D imaging in anatomical teaching
  • Clinically-related anatomical studies
  • Cell biology of osteoarthritis
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