Dr Cathy Fuller

Head of Centre

Centre for Applied Anatomy
University of Bristol, Southwell Street, Bristol, BS2 8EJ
0117 331 7678 (ext 17678)

Teaching responsibilities

  • 1st BVSc year Lead, responsible for the coordination of the 1st year Units and overall management of the 1st year of the BVSc programme.
  • BVSc1 Animal Health Sciences 1:  Live Anatomy.
  • BVSc1 Animal Health Sciences 1: Ailmentary and Renal System.
  • BVSc1 Animal Health Sciences 1: Reproductive and Endocrine System.
  • BVSc2 Animal Health Sciences 2: Exotic element.
  • BSc Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science, Veterinary Anatomy unit: Abdomen and Pelvis.


  • Methods of bringing clinical relevance to basic science teaching.
  • Bringing inspirational anatomy teaching into schools by practical teaching and creation of e-learning resources (Lets Dissect).
  • Supervision of educational projects in University and in schools investigating both the benefits of dissection in teaching anatomy and the creation of interactive online tutorials.
  • Development and use of eBiolabs in pre and post practical anatomy teaching in CCCA.
  • Creation of 3D e-learning resources and evaluation of 3D anatomical images in online learning.
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