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Reusing Medical Recordings Project

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The overall aim of the JISC funded Reusing Medical Recordings Project is to develop the ethical, legal and moral use of clinical recordings through clear, concise, easy to use and effective policies and practices across the health and education sectors.

The two main objectives of the Reusing Medical Recordings Project are to:

1. Encourage shared understandings between managers and practitioners across both NHS and HE settings on the rationale and good practice for the creation and use of medical recordings for educational purposes. This would be achieved by working together on a simple set of principles for information governance in this area, covering such issues as informed consent, ownership, transfer between organisations and wider distribution.

2. Synthesise existing advice and guidance, or where needed create new materials that are targeted at, and appropriate for, busy practitioners who need to have specific information to enable them to create, manage or use medical recordings.


Project dates
01 Jun 2010

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Centre for Medical Education
University of Bristol