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JISC Mobile

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JISC Mobile is a cut-down version of the JISC website, optimised for mobile use.

The site contains recent content that users are likely to want to access whilst on the move, such as news items or podcasts. It doesn’t contain all the content on the JISC website and links are provided on every page back to the main site for those who want to explore further (although the main site is not optimised for mobile devices).

JISC Mobile is a pilot service and we have deliberately started small to assess demand and get early feedback from users, encouraging them to help improve the site by telling us what they think, if you value such a service, and what other JISC content they would like to access on their mobile device.

JISC Mobile was developed by ILRT based upon their Mobile Campus Assistant software. The software was initially developed via a JISC-funded Rapid Innovation project and is being further developed in the MyMobileBristol project under the JISC Business and Community Engagement programme.
Project dates
20 May 2011

For further information, see the project's website:

Mr Paul Smith