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The aim of this project is to encourage the use of digital images within the biomedical learning and teaching domain by improving the usability and relevance of Bristol BioMed. This will be achieved by demonstrating a range of practical applications for images, and making it easier for potential users to incorporate these uses with their own teaching practices.

Subject specialists who have donated images to Bristol BioMed have been commissioned to produce case studies drawing on their experiences of using the images to create tutorials. The resulting tutorials and case studies will be made available from the Bristol BioMed Web site for users to consult and download.

Academics will be encouraged to contribute their own learning and teaching materials to the site by the provision of a simple template into which materials can be dropped for uploading to the site.

A series of 'How-to' guides to using Bristol BioMed is being produced. Guides will focus on particular aspects of the resource such as searching for and downloading images, using images in PowerPoint and creating digital images from slides.

Both of the above will form the basis of a growing suite of learning and teaching materials to be housed at the Bristol BioMed site. These materials will both encourage and support users attempting to create materials, as well as highlighting the range of ways in which Bristol BioMed images can be used.

Project dates
13 Jun 2010

For further information, see the project's website: