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The ARKive-ERA (ARKive Educational Repurposing of Assets ) Project ran from Jan 2001 to Dec 2002. It was a two-year project funded by Hewlett-Packard Labs that investigated the educational and functional issues surrounding the design, development and use of Internet-based, large multimedia database systems to support learning and teaching. The Project was jointly run by ILRT and the Graduate School of Education (Project Director in the Graduate School was Angela McFarlane).

ARKive-ERA was focused primarily on ARKive ( as an example of an 'on-line multimedia database' system. ARKive's content domain is that of biodiversity. The primary data types held include video, photographic images, audio, maps, text related to animal, plant, fungi and habitat biodiversity. However the ARKive-ERA project had a wider 'view and depth of field' seeking to provide a greater understanding of the wider issues related to more generic systems.

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13 Jun 2010

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Mr Paul Shabajee