Isokon Penguin Donkey Bookcase (mark 2)

Special Collections

Penguin Donkey

Isokon was one of the most forward-thinking design companies of the 1930s, designing modernist houses and furniture. In 1939, Isokon produced the first Penguin Donkey bookcase, but only about one hundred Donkeys were made before production ceased when World War Two broke out. In 1963, the Penguin Donkey mark 2 was designed by Ernest Race. One of these Donkeys is held by the Penguin Archive, Special Collections. It is pictured here containing the first thirty-three Penguin books, including the very first Penguin book, André Maurois’ Ariel published in July 1935.

  • Item reference: Penguin Archive
  • Photographer: Jamie Carstairs
  • Copyright: University of Bristol
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