Paddington Station design by Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Special Collections

Paddington sketch

Brunel worked with Matthew Digby Wyatt, and the contractors Fox, Henderson, & Co. on the design of Paddington Station. This sketch shows ideas for the façade of platform 1, columns, and lintels. It is also the origin of the column capitals and the decorative pendants which hang from the longitudinal girders. The sketched figures add an endearing sense of the scale of the structures. Brunel, Digby Wyatt, and Sir Charles Fox met whilst working on the Crystal Palace, with Joseph Paxton.

Special Collections holds over fifty sketchbooks of Brunel’s preliminary designs, across a range of his projects.

  • Item reference: 9 January 1851, large sketchbook 3, p24
  • Photographer: Jamie Carstairs
  • Copyright: University of Bristol
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