A political data set

Alesina, Ozler, Roubini and Swagel (1996) data set

This page gives instructions on how to obtain the cross-country data set and computer program used in Alesina, Ozler, Roubini and Swagel (Journal of Economic Growth, 1996).


These files are stored on the web server of the NBER. They may not download correctly when using Netscape versions 3 or 4, until the program is reconfigured. There is a short note on how to do this at http://www.nber.org/data/. Otherwise, please be warned that attempting to use the files may crash your computer.

Downloading the data

Press the Shift key and click on the links below and you should be able to download the files directly onto disk.

Documentation (duplicated below)

Data50.log A text (ASCII) file with the most commonly requested variables

Data50.dta STATA data set with all variables, 1950-82

Data50.dat RATS data set with the variables used in the paper. This covers the years 1960-82. It is organized as a panel: 119 countries, 23 years each.

Acoup1.rat RATS 3.x program to do the simultaneous equation system, Instructions on how to modify the specification are contained as comments. Note that 4MB of memory are needed to use the 1960-82 sample; 6MB for 1950-82. This program yields results in the table: Joint estimation of growth and government changes.

Acoup1.out File with results from Acoup1.rat. This file has been edited by the authors to get rid of extraneous regression information.