Summers-Heston data set

This page updated 20 September 2006

The Summers-Heston data set, or Penn World Table, has been the foundation of most empirical growth research since the mid-1980's. The data set has been discussed in Heston and Summers (1996), and is described in more detail in Summers and Heston (1988, 1991). See also Nuxoll (1994).

IMPORTANT (1) - The first link below allows you to access the latest version of the Penn World Table (6.2). Before this, the most recent versions were 5.6, a preliminary update called 6.0, and version 6.1.

IMPORTANT (2) - If you use a labour force series from the previous version, PWT 6.1, you should first take a look at Dowrick (2005), who draws attention to some possible inconsistencies in the PWT 6.1 labour force data for some countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

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