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Experts in 'molecules'

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  Professor Roger Alder
Post(s): Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: A major theme of my research has been the preparation and study of interesting molecules - nature has no monopoly on these,...
Keywords: molecules | stable diaminocarbenes | computational organic chemistry | conformational control by quaternary centres | strong amine bases | intrabrigehead chemistry | powerful alkylating agents
  Professor Leo Brady
Post(s): Professor of Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: My main research interest is Biomolecular Structures: The vast majority of life processes result from the binding of a...
Keywords: biomolecular structures | protein structure | molecules | disease | protein crystallography | biomolecular interactions | molecular modelling
  Professor Craig Butts
Post(s): Professor of Structural and Mechanistic Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: We tackle challenges based around elucidating organic molecular structure and reaction mechanism, principally using NMR spectroscopy...
Keywords: NMR spectroscopy | molecular structure | molecules | physical organic chemistry
  Dr Chris Russell
Post(s): Reader, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: The aim of our work is to investigate making new molecules and probing novel synthetic methods. Our target molecules are...
Keywords: new molecules | novel synthetic methods | synthetic methods | molecules | ligand design | catalysis
  Dr David Tew
Post(s): Visiting Senior Research Fellow, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: Accurate potential energy surfaces and reaction dynamics Molecules are not static objects. They are continuously in motion,...
Keywords: accurate potential energy surfaces | reaction dynamics | molecules | energy changes | potential energy surface | vibrational motion of the nuclei | nuclei
  Professor Duncan Wass
Post(s): Professor of Catalysis, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: Our research interests are in the area of homogeneous catalysis using organometallic and coordination compounds. Catalysis...
Keywords: homogeneous catalysis | organometallic compounds | coordination compounds | catalysis | molecules | catalytic activity | clean chemical activity
  Dr Colin Western
Post(s): Reader in Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: My research work concentrates on applying the very powerful techniques provided by laser spectroscopy to a variety of molecules,...
Keywords: laser spectroscopy | molecules | transient molecules | laser system | nuclei | hyperfine structure | spectroscopy